Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Query & Synopsis Workshops Offered!

It's been almost two years since I offered any online workshops. I've continued to offer both the query and the synopsis workshop at writer's conferences, but I realize that for many writers, the cost of conferences is prohibitive. With that in mind, I've decided to offer both my How To Write A Killer Synopsis workshop and my Query Writing 101 workshop online during the month of March. I've done my best to keep the cost as affordable as possible, including offering a discount if you purchase both workshops at the same time.

Purchasing the workshops separately would be $125, but if you register for both at the same time, you save $25! See the "Workshop Package" Paypal button on the sidebar.)

Please note that in order to manage the volume of query critiques, registration for the query workshop is limited.

Here are the details:


When: March 12-15

Format: Yahoo group, lessons are emailed to group members once a day. Light homework is required. Read the lessons and do the homework around your own schedule.

Description: Learn how to write a killer synopsis in four days! Topics covered include:

*What a Synopsis is and what it is not
*When to write a synopsis
*Correct formatting
*How long a synopsis should be
*How to identify the Voice of your manuscript & use it in your synopsis
*Which plot elements need to be included
*How to break your plot up into three key areas
*How to identify plot arcs and emotional landmarks
*How to pace your synopsis

Cost: $50 - see "Synopsis Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar.


When: March 18-29

Format: Yahoo group, lessons are emailed to the group members once a day for the first five days. Homework is required. The rest of the days are devoted to my critiques and your revisions of your query letter. You do your coursework around your own schedule.


 Learn how to write an amazing query letter! Course focuses on basic query structure, do's and don'ts, how to target the right agent for you, and how to identify your basic plot and conflict to use in writing a stellar hook. Also includes three in-depth personalized critiques of your query letter, with chance to revise after the first two critiques.

Cost: $75 - see "Query Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar.

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