Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fall/Winter 2015 Individualized Workshops

This fall I'm trying something new. Instead of scheduling set workshop dates that may or may not work with your calendar, I'm offering all of my workshops on an individualized basis. Simply pick the workshops that fit your needs, purchase them, and I'll email the lessons to you. You turn in the homework on your own schedule until you complete the workshop. Simple!

And to make it even better, I'm running a special. Buy any 2 workshops and and get a 3rd workshop of equal or lesser value free.* When you purchase your workshops, indicate in the "memo to merchant" section of your Paypal form which additional workshop you'd like for free.

*Free workshop must be of equal or lesser value than the most expensive workshop purchased.

NOTE: There are still a few spaces available in September's Writer's Boot Camp Retreat. Join us for a long weekend of workshops, writing time, and a personal critique session with C.J. A private chef and a gorgeous cabin in the Smoky Mountains make this an event not to be missed! Go HERE for details.



A guide to pursuing traditional publication will be emailed to you, and then I will answer specific questions you may have for up to two weeks after sending the guide. This is your chance to ask everything you ever wanted to know about the publishing process, how to find an agent, how to work with an agent, what it takes to sell a book, and how to bring a book from first draft to a finished copy on the shelves. No homework required.

Cost: $50 - see "Publishing Guide" Paypal button on the sidebar.


Learn how to create vivid, interesting worlds that are fully developed. Workshop addresses:
  • culture/customs/holidays
  • topography
  • history
  • ethnic heritage
  • government/rules/laws. 
Homework is required.

Cost: $75* - see "World Building Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar.


Learn how to write an amazing query letter or cover blurb. Course focuses on:
  • basic structure 
  • do's and don'ts 
  • how to target the right agent for you
  • how to identify your essential plot and conflict to use in writing a stellar hook. 
  • how to write a stellar query/blurb
Homework is required. Also includes one in-depth personalized critique of your query letter.

Cost: $75* - see "Query Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar.


Description: Learn how to write a killer synopsis. Topics covered include:

*What a Synopsis is and what it is not
*When to write a synopsis
*Correct formatting
*How long a synopsis should be
*How to identify the Voice of your manuscript & use it in your synopsis
*Which plot elements need to be included
*How to break your plot up into three key areas
*How to identify plot arcs and emotional landmarks
*How to pace your synopsis

Cost: $75*- see "Synopsis Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar.


Learn how to truly understand your characters, how to deliver the details that will help readers connect to your characters, and how to use each character's individual goals to generate conflict within your story.

Cost: $75* - see the "Characters Workshop" Paypal button on the sidebar


Struggling with plot, structure, pacing, and getting past the beginning of your novel? Tired of taking a year to come up with a first draft? This is the workshop for you. Come prepared to learn the basics of your craft, and to utilize C.J.'s sprint method to write a rough draft in 7 weeks. This an intense workshop designed to thoroughly cover all the basics of writing a novel. Topics covered include:

*Basic plot structure
*Where to begin your story
*Subplots and how to use them
*How to sprint through your rough draft without losing your mind
*Backstory and what to do with it
*Giving readers that "one more page" syndrome
*Escalating your conflict
*World building
*Character development

Cost: $125 - see the "Writer's Boot Camp" Paypal button on the sidebar