Writer's Boot Camp Retreat

Registration for the Fall 2015 Writer's Boot Camp Retreat is now open!

Come for three full days of workshops, writing time, pampering, great meals, and social time (if you want it!) with other writers. It's like your own private writing conference, only with much better food.


Check in begins at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23rd. Check out is 9 a.m. Sunday, September 27th.


*A luxurious cabin high up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with gorgeous views all around, a hot tub, a wrap around porch w/plenty of seating, a fireplace, wifi, a game room and more. You can view the cabin here.
*A private chef with all meals and snacks provided (but you are free to also bring your own fave snacks for yourself if you'd like!). Our chef is M.G. Buehrlen, a foodie who is also a gourmet cook and who uses fresh, organic ingredients to make delicious meals. A menu will be published beforehand. You may alert us to food allergies on the registration form. If you have extremely difficult food issues, you are welcome to supplement the meals with your own food, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.
*3 days of workshops that cover many aspects of crafting a novel. You can attend all, pick and choose, or come just to write! The agenda will be published beforehand so that you can plan your time.
*A bound notebook with outlines for each workshop and spaces to take notes, do creative exercises, and work on your projects.
*A one-on-one session with me that includes a critique of your first 25 pages and help brainstorming plot, character, world, or pacing issues for that book.
*Writing time in the hushed beauty of the Smoky Mountains.
*The cabin is approximately 1 hour from the Knoxville airport and group transportation will be provided at a specified time to those flying in. Our driver will pick up by early evening (we'll choose a time based on the flights of those arriving), so please look for flights that land by 6 p.m. or earlier.

The Cost:

$899 per person for a single, private room w/king size bed and private bath. 12 rooms available (none on main level).

$499 per person to share a private room w/king size bed and private bath. 12 rooms available (none on main level). (Please note that if you register for a shared private room, you must specify a roommate. If your roommate fails to pay his/her registration fee, you will be charged the $899 price for a single room.)

$399 per person to share a room w/3 sets of bunk beds and its own bathroom. There is plenty of space throughout the cabin to write or be on your own. You'll only be using your room for sleep. :) 12 beds available. If you have a roommate preference from others who are registering for the bunk bed rooms, please specify on your registration form. We will do our best to accommodate.

*Please note that for privacy issues, male attendees must register for a private room at either the $899 single price or the $499 price if you have a roommate.

**If rooms are sold out, your name will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations. Those on the waiting list will be given a 24 hour early registration window for the next retreat.

***No guests under the age of 14 allowed. Guests ages 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent, and both must pay a registration fee for the room of their choice. 

Payment Plan:

A non-refundable deposit of $200 submitted with your registration form will secure your space. 

*Payments will be invoiced every 15 days unless you've made other arrangements with us.

$899: $200 deposit with registration form
         $233 payment 1
         $233 payment 2
         $233 payment 3

$499: $200 deposit with registration form
         $100 payment 1
         $100 payment 2
         $99 payment 3

$399: $200 deposit with registration form
         $100 payment 1
         $99 payment 2

Cancellations: The $200 deposit is non-refundable. If you have to cancel, I will do my best to replace you with someone from the waiting list. If I'm able to replace you, the remainder of your fee will be refunded to you once your replacement has paid their fee. 

Steps to Register:

1. Fill out the registration form below and submit it.
2. Choose the "Boot Camp Retreat" Paypal button on the sidebar and submit your $200 non-refundable deposit. If you'd prefer to send an e-check, contact my assistant Jane at assistant@cjredwine.com.
3. Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you within 48 hours. If the spaces are full and you are on the waiting list, your $200 will be refunded, and you will be notified if a space opens up. 
4. If you'd prefer to pay your balance up front (after sending the $200 deposit), please contact my assistant Jane at assistant@cjredwine.com for instructions. 

I look forward to a fantastic weekend together!

Registration Form: 

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