Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exciting news!

I continue to be approached by writers needing help with writing a compelling query or a killer synopsis. Soon, I'll be announcing a release date for my upcoming Query Writing Handbook. But today, I'm excited to announce that I will now make available for purchase my Synopsis Workshop handouts!

Writing a synopsis is much different from writing a book. In fact, it requires an entirely new skill set. A writer must be able to analyze voice and pacing, identify the key plot elements that must be included, understand which conflict arcs and emotional arcs must be included, format the synopsis correctly, weed out any extraneous details, and do all of this in just a page or two!

Sound overwhelming?

My handouts address all of the above. From answering basic questions like "When do I need to write a synopsis?" and "How do I introduce my main characters?" to teaching you how to break your story down into three key parts to make summarizing easy, I offer a comprehensive guide that walks you through the entire process.

The handouts arrive in a Word.doc attachment to the email address you provide through Paypal. See the sidebar for purchasing.

And stay tuned! I will soon have a release date for the Query Writing Handbook!


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  2. How does one get your synopsis writing handouts? I was sent to your site by my book coach for added help in writing that killer synposis. I look to your expertise to keep me from getting hit by that synopsis express bus.

    Thanks, Carol